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Think of Me E-book

Think of Me E-book

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Mr. Darcy has a gift, though it often feels like a curse.

Every room he walks into, every person he meets, he is bombarded by thoughts. They find him too tall; his hair is too short; his hair is too floppy; why is his nose so very large? How can they cajole him into investing in their projects or marrying their daughters?

On and on it goes. An endless parade of banality and avarice. Until he accompanies his friend to Hertfordshire...

*Think of Me is a slightly paranormal story that features the inner workings of an adult man's mind. It might not be suitable for young readers. Mature readers, enjoy!


**This is an E-book. You will not receive a paperback copy of this book. A digital download link will be sent to the email you provide at checkout from our partner, Book Funnel, with instructions to download the file to your preferred reading device.

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